Festivals & commercial

about festival and commercial bell tent hire

Whether it’s a small private festival or large corporate event we have a range of flexible commercial bell tent hire options available. 

If you are a venue close to a major tourism or sporting event and want to provide accommodation – the possibilities for commercial bell tent hire are endless. You can hire our bell tents fully furnished and dressed, or blank canvas, and you’ll benefit from a generous bulk order discount.
If you want to leave the logistics to us, we’ll liaise directly with your guests, and pay you a commission on your bookings. 

We can offer 24/7 onsite staffing, with our experienced events crew to manage your glamping village, pamper tents, chill out areas, fully manned reception and carry bag service. 

leave no trace plastic pledge

Our grass roots are festivals, so we have seen first hand the damage and destruction that can be left behind at the end of a weekend. As a business that spends so much of its time outdoors, we have also seen fly tipping, bottles and shoes littering our rivers and streams. So we are committed to doing as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment. 

For 5 years we’ve adapted and changed our business model to reduce our own waste and part of this is the removal of all airbeds from our stock in 2018. 

We recycled our remaining stock to local Scout and Guide groups, so that before they do reach the end of their lifespan, they are used.

We then replaced airbeds with camp-beds and memory foam toppers. We couldn’t justify the amount of plastic we were sending to landfill weekly from unusable airbeds. 

Whilst we appreciate complementary bottles of water are expected for larger events, we believe this plastic waste is unnecessary. We have sourced water in cans, which are much more widely recyclable. 

We are currently investigating a more ‘eco’ option to complimentary toiletries. 

Our entire team are passionate about the environment (it’s a prerequisite for working with us), and we pride ourselves on our ‘leave no trace’ ethos. 

We also know we need to do more.