Meet the team at Beautiful Bells

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About Beautiful Bells. Meet the team at Beautiful Bells who deliver and set up bell tents for your wedding or event in Surrey - Katrina

Katrina - the CEO of canvas ūüôā

Katrina - the CEO of canvas ūüôā

I’m Katrina, owner and founder of Beautiful Bells. What started off as buying a new bell tent to camp in inadvertently turned life on its head! … 10 years ago!¬†

Likes: Onions, travelling, roller skating, in-line skating, the skate park, roller discos,  lists, twinkly lights, beer, graffiti, animals, crime based books, Dinosaurs, macrame, Star Trek. Making (and drinking) cocktails, the sea, paddle boarding, chess, rain on the roof, thunder storms, train journeys, aeroplanes, dancing when on her own, lights in trees, Christmas decorations, airports, camping. 

Dislikes: Peacocks, mushrooms, Donald Trump, animal cruelty, flying, eating meat, horse flies, mosquitos, racism, Brexit, rude drivers.

Meet the team at Beautiful Bells who deliver and set up bell tents for your wedding or event in Hampshire - Steve

Steve - site manager

Steve - site manager

Katrina‚Äôs other half ‚Äď they met when he taught her to drive over 20 years ago.

Steve is the troubleshooter on and off site, and when Katrina comes up with a (mad) idea, he‚Äôs the one who has to turn it into something workable.(somewhat his own words…)

Likes: Cups of tea, his mums roast dinner, honey, apple crumble, tea, his Lambretta, toast, gardening, bird watching, history, his bees, anything Roman, travelling, sleeping, rain on the roof, cider, chess, crib, museums, fig rolls, music, Popmaster. 

Dislikes:¬†Getting up in the¬†morning, earwigs, hummus,¬†chocolate that’s not been kept in the fridge, gin , Christmas¬†decorations.¬†

Meet the team at Beautiful Bells who deliver and set up bell tents for your wedding or event in West Sussex - George

George - office manager

George - office manager

If you phone the office or send an email, you’ll likely hear from George first. Especially mid season when she is the unsung hero behind the scenes for keeping everything organised.¬†

She joined Team Bells in 2017 to ease some of the admin load and she’s still with us,¬†(in her words)

Likes: Skating, cooking, baking, drawing, and crocheting woolen armour ready for the winter. The rain, thunder storms, cut grass smell, highlighters, matching soft furnishings.

Dislikes: Mushrooms (food of the devils), germs,¬†the song ‘C’mon Eileen,¬†pairing socks, spiders and peeling spuds.¬†

Meet the team at Beautiful Bells who deliver and set up bell tents for your wedding or event in Hampshire - Jon

Jon - staff morale officer

Jon - staff morale officer!

Affectionately known as our staff morale officer for his ability to have the entire crew in fits of laughter in no time. Mostly with an array of horrendous stories, most from his years of serving in the Navy! 

Jon is George’s other half Р and Katrina’s brother in law. We told you we were family team!

(in his own words)

Likes: Walking, nature, bird watching, my dog Nala, my children (sometimes), working outdoors, reading books on nature and natural history, tea drinking, history. 

Dislikes: Litter, killing animals for pleasure and calling it ‘sport’, racism, pollution, plastic in the oceans, battery farming, Bradley Walsh. ¬†

Kelly kissing Oscar's hammer

Kelly - tent crew

Kelly - tent crew

New to the team in 2022, and it already feels like she’s been here FOREVER. It’s already been joked that for years there’s been a seat free in our vans just waiting for her to arrive.¬†

(in her own words) 

Likes: Juggling, skating, animals, nature, badminton, gym, storms, vampires, cinema, filmmaking, dress up, charity, love, hugs, the sea, waterfalls, my family and friends, theme parks, travelling, spontaneity, pancakes. 

Dislikes: Horror films, Brussel sprouts, cruel people, monotony, queueing, traffic, cancer, depression, wet socks, punch from Punch and Judy & clowns. 

Cameron sitting in a wooden cabin weapon a black top, with black hair with red streaks

Cameron - office angel

Cameron (CJ) - office angel

The office got so busy earlier this year that we recruited CJ from our roller skate family to help out over the summer, whilst Katrina is out on site, and George is buried under a sea of admin! 

Cameron deals with damage waiver returns and also invoicing. 

(in her own words)

Likes: horror movies, and¬†anything horror related, spiders, skating, gaming,¬†fashion, ice cream cakes (especially George’s) shopping, cats, the rain, thunder storms, fog, ¬†my family, ¬†my friends,¬†Disney.¬†

Dislikes: Uni work (only kidding), early mornings, hot weather, cleaning, cooking, bad hair days.

Emma with blonde hair down

Emma - hen camp crew

Emma - hen camp crew

When we first me this one she was dinky – which just shows how long we’ve been doing this! Emma lives at hen camp and this year we’ve recruited her to hen camp crew ūüôā¬†

(in her words)

Likes: Animals, horse riding, sleeping, music, fashion, summer, ice cream, shopping, make up, art, plants, food and swimming. 

Dislikes: Thunder, spices food, meat, clowns, tea, hot coffee, olives, standing in queues, loud noises, wasps and spiders. 


Dan - tent crew

Dan - tent crew

Steve¬†taught Dan to drive many lifetimes ago. He’s now living in¬†Wales and has his own static glamping at home, but also moonlights¬†with us over the summer¬†and is our Wales contingent – when we¬†cross the border, Dan’s coming to site to help out.¬†

(In his words) 

Likes: Land rovers, off roading, good music, good company and good food. 

Dislikes: The heat, coffee and the fuel prices!  

Jamie stood infront of a mountain wearing a blue coat

Jamie - tent crew

Jamie - tent crew

Although I’m absolutely sure he won’t appreciate us telling you, but Jamie is known for telling the funniest joke Katrina has ever heard (he was about 7 at the time)…

What do you call a sheep without any legs?

A cloud. 


(in his own words)

Likes: Going to the gym, cycling, nature, Friday nights, dogs, chicken and rice. 

Dislikes: MacDonalds, rain, carrots and the wind. 

Adrian leaning against a car drinking a beer

Adrian - tent crew

Adrian - tent crew

new to the team is Adrian ūüôā

At 6ft 5” he’s towering above all of us. And he’s throwing tents about like he’s done it for years!

 (in his words) 

Likes: My family, my dog, building things and anything petrol powered (the faster the better!)

Dislikes: Most ball sports! 

Amanda on holiday wearing a black rimed hat

Amanda - hen camp crew

Amanda - hen camp crew

‘She’s going rogue!’¬†

She’s a force not to be contained – not that we¬†could, even if we tried! But she¬†whirls¬†though any site she helps us in, hen¬†camp, and even covering our bedding, like the¬†Tasmanian devil.¬†