Meet the team – our motley crew

Katrina – Head of team bells

Head of Team Bells!
Katrina trained in interior design so is chiefly in charge of all stock purchases and tent interiors. Steve says this is because she likes shopping. Katrina says Steve has clearly never had to buy 200 cushions...
She did a long stint in the corporate world in client management, customer service and as a small business manager. Then canvas life and bell tent hire took over. It meant she swapped her suit for shorts and flip flops and muddy knees. The speed she can cover a duvet is probably worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. Lover of a list - and twinkly lights.

Steve – Site and crew manager

Katrina’s other half – they met when he taught her to drive about 18 years ago.
Any crew out in the van with Steve are likely to get a lesson in local history (the amount his brain retains is ridiculous!) or a nature lesson. In his spare time, when he’s not working on our vans, he can be found rebuilding motor scooters or looking after his bees.
Steve is our troubleshooter on and off site, and when Katrina comes up with an idea he’s the one who has to turn it into something workable. He can put a tent up faster than anyone else on site. Yes we have raced – many times!

George - Office staff

Katrina’s sister. During peak season if you phone the office or send an email, you'll hear from George. She joined Team Bells in 2017 to ease some of the admin load and despite Katrina refusing to kill the resident office spider she's still here with us.
She’s organised to an OCD level and when she and Oscar are on 'unit checking duties' she bakes him cakes. Or biscuits. Or pastries. Oscar (needless to say), quite likes working with George! She refuses to come on site ever again as the 2 times we've taken her it's been snowing!


'Couscous - so good they named it twice' circa July 2016 on the disappointment of opening the lunch box George had packed him
We told you we were family team! Jon is George’s other half and Katrina’s brother in law. Jon has been with us since the very first season and LOVES a day's tenting out in the sunshine. He's also got the whitest legs you have ever seen. So white, you'll need shades. Just don’t mention the day 3 years ago when he tied an entire village of bunting without slip knots - which would be forgivable had he not been in the NAVY for years!!


In between her full time job Lou can be found out and about with us in the summer.
She’s another lover of camping, the outdoors, and nature. We've never seen anyone as excited as Lou when we drove through the New Forest one day on our way to take down some tents and there were Donkeys in the road. We had to stop on the way back so she could see them properly!
She spends her summer capturing some awesome pictures of the nature we see and discussing with Steve what birds they've seen that day. Katrina and Lou went to school together and when Lou sends her messages on her birthday about getting old, Katrina gets to return the favour the very next day!


Oscar joined us in 2016 and was as quiet as a mouse. A summer of working with the now departed Chloe (Australia not heaven!) soon put pay to that and now we can't shut him up! Self professed 'King of the unit' and member of the 'circle of trust'. The circle of trust being those who know, know, (when we have a secret booking that we can't tell anyone about). - Yes that is actually a thing!
If Tesco ever stop the £3 meal deal, Oscar will starve at work. The uproar when they reduced the size of Hula Hoops bags mid summer was enough to send him into a tizz for weeks!
Oscar gave us the team motto in year 2 - 'Go Ham, or go home'. We go Ham.


Welcome to the gang Nick! Nick is studying Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Portsmouth University. He's another lover of camping and has a long history of camping with scouts, youth groups and he's done the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
Nick is our resident 'strong man' and we're pretty sure he could bench press one of the big vans without even breaking a sweat!