We’ve tried to answer all of your FAQ’s but if your question isn’t listed here, please get in touch and we’ll get you the answer.

You can contact us via the ‘Contact’ page, or you can email the office or phone Katrina on 07747 037656. 

Please follow this link, or you’ll find these are accessible on every booking or guest page.

Our bell tent hire service is simple – we bring the tents to you. 
That might be to your wedding venue, hired field, campsite or back garden. 

We are a mobile service. We’re not a campsite or a fixed venue. The only instance where this differs is hen camp, where the tents are set up at one location for the summer each year.

Yes they are. 

However, if there is rain and you have not closed your doors or windows properly, then you will have water ingress. 

Please make sure windows are closed with both zips at 12 o’clock. 

The temperature in your tent does depend on outside weather.

Please remember that although we are providing you with a glamping experience – you are still camping outdoors!

Please pack with the weather in mind, and something warm to sleep in.

All of our duvet packs are a minimum 13.5 tog but it never hurts to take some extra layers with you!

All of our lighting runs on solar or battery.

However, if you would like this provide mains power for mobile charging or longer stays then we would recommend:

Outdoor Event Equipment Hire

Grizzly Bear Events

Our bell tents come in 4 sizes. 

4m, 5m, 6m and the huge 7m. 

We also stock Touareg tents. 

Currently we have approx 210 tents ins tock overall. 

Bell tents need to be pitched on grass.

You need to ensure this ground is not boggy and that it can be accessed by vans. 

If we cannot access right to the area you have chosen, it’s unlikely we will be able to assist with your booking. 

The ground must be cleared of animal waste prior to tents being erected, and grass must be cut in advance of our arrival. 

Bell tents cannot be set up indoors, on patio slabs, on artificial grass, on concrete or on tarmac.

We will not erect tents under tress or any over hanging branches. 

This is due to the damage they do the the tent canvas, and also your safety.

If a tree branch were to come down whilst you were inside the tent, the results could be life threatening.  

Bell tents are circular so the size given is the diameter.

We need an additional 1.5m on top of this for the guy lines.

Minimum space required:

4m bell tent – 5.5m 
5m bell tent – 6.5m
6m bell tent – 7.5m 
7m bell tent – 9m  

If you’re planning to put up a bell tent in a garden or have a limited space, speak to us about a site visit.

This will differ depending on the type of beds being used.

Airbeds: For a 5m tent the maximum number of guests is 5, but we would recommend 4, as this makes for a much more comfortable stay. 

For 4m bell tents this is 2 people.

Camp beds: For a 5m tent this is 4 people. 

For a 4m tent this is 2 people. 

Our numbers may differ to other hire companies as we use camp beds that are roughly the same height off the ground as a real bed, and this means we can’t fit as many beds in as we would if we use airbeds. 

If we can give you a bit of advice it’s think carefully if you see a company advertising that you can sleep 10 people to a 5m bell. 
We have over 10 years experience and have set up thousands of bell tents during this time. What we can categorically tell you is that it’s simply not possible to sleep 10 people to a 5m bell tent!

As standard our beds are framed camp beds with added toppers.

All double camp beds have a metal bar running through the middle, and this is because the bed needs support in this area or it will sag with the combined weight and you’ll roll into each other. 

If you really want to cuddle up or spoon overnight, or you’re taller, or broad shouldered and think the bar might be an issue, please just ask and we’ll swap your camp bed over for an airbed. 

We cover the whole of the UK, but longer distances require a larger minimum booking to ensure this is financially viable. 

Our bell tent hire service as standard covers Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Surrey. We also cover Wilshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, East Sussex and London.

We will always advise you of what our minimum hire number would be, and any travel charges, when we send you a quote. 

Our minimum hire is 10 tents from 1st May – 30th September. 

We do not offer single tent hire during this period as unfortunately it’s not financially viable. 

We have a 2 night minimum hire period.
You are welcome to hire your tent for one night only, however our pricing remains the same and this is because our pricing is based on workload.

We still have the same amount of work in preparation, travel, erecting and furnishing your bell tent for one night as we would for two. 

Wedding bell tent hire may differ depending on access restrictions at the venue.

We do not offer a discounted rate for a 1 night hire period. 

A damage deposit, often called a damage waiver, is a refundable deposit you pay in case you damage the tent or any of the equipment.

When you make your booking, you pay a deposit of 25% of the bell tent hire cost. We will send you a final invoice for the balance of your payment 28 days before the date of your hire.

You also must pay a damage deposit. This is explained in the next question.

A damage waiver for a 4m and 5m bell tent – £100 per tent.

For 6m and 7m bell tents – £200 per tent.

Self collection tent hire service – £200 per tent.

Typically, your damage deposit is returned within 48 hours of us collecting the tents. 

If the tent or stock is found to be damaged on collection, this will take longer ot return as we may need ot carry our cleaning, and obtain replacement stock. 

Our set up days as standard are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

We take down on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

You need to factor build and break times into your venue agreement, to ensure we have sufficient time to undertake building, and removing your camp. 

Unless you have booked our reception services, it’s unlikely we will still be on-site when your guests arrive. It’s much more exciting if your tents are all set up and ready and waiting for you when you get there.

But if we are on-site, please do come over and say hello!

If you are interested in reception services for your event, please do get in touch

Due to current demand and availability we will only be able to hold your booking space for 24 hours from sending the booking form link and password out to you.
This doesn’t necasarily mean we won’t have space outside of this time, just that your spot is no longer reserved. 

With the exception of assistance dogs, (for which there is no charge) there is a £50 fee if you would like to bring your pet into the tent. 


No you cannot cook inside the tents. This is a fire risk and also causes damage to the tent canvas. 

Any camping stoves must be sited away from the tents at all times. 

Any BBQ’s and fires must be minimum of 10m from the tent. 

All of our bedding is sent to a commercial laundrette to be washed after every use. 

If you have any sort of washing powder allergy, please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to find a solution that means you can still book your bedding through us. 

We use camp beds as standard. These come supplied with memory foam toppers. 

The double camp beds do have a metal bar running through the middle.

This is because without the bar there would be no support and you would roll into each other.

Our wedding night bells, come with a real bed a standard. 

We do also stock real beds for bespoke pricing for festivals and events. 

  • If you would prefer to sleep on an airbed, please ask 

Yes we regularly sell old bell tents, and we have a waiting list for this. 

If you would like to register your interest for the next sell off then please get in touch