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We’ve tried to answer all of your FAQ’s but if your question isn’t listed here, please get in touch and we’ll get you the answer.

Glamping: noun  BRITISH  informal  

A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

So that’s what the dictionary says.  What does a glamping holiday mean to you?

No shouting, no stress and no struggling to put up your tent. No blowing up air beds or fighting with ground sheets. When you’re glamping in a Beautiful Bells bell tent, you arrive to find your tent fully furnished and ready to go. All you have to do is pour yourself a drink and relax. 

At the end of your holiday or weekend break, you pack up and go home, leaving all the stressful tent removal to us.

Our definition of glamping? A win-win situation!

Our bell tent hire service is simple. 

It’s a fully mobile service. We’re not a campsite or a fixed venue, so you choose where you would like to stay. That might be your wedding venue, in a campsite or a field, or even in your own back garden. 

Take these three simple steps to organise your glamping: 

  1. Check we have availability
  2. Book your venue
  3. Book your bell tents with us

You can email us or give us a call on 07747037656

Our bell tent hire service covers Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Surrey. We also cover Wilshire, Oxfordshire, Kent and London.

Long distance bookings are subject to a minimum number of tents and there might be a delivery charge.

We mainly hire 5m bell tents and currently have 50 available.

We we also stock a 30 x 4m bell tents, some 6m bell tents, and large 7m bells.

Bell tents are circular so the size given is the diameter.

Bell tents are fixed using guy ropes and they need to be taut so it doesn’t sag. If your bell tent sags, it will look a mess and it might not keep the rain out.

Although the bell tents are waterproofed, the bell shape also helps make it water resistant. We don’t like saggy, baggy canvas here at Beautiful Bells!

You’ll need to allow an extra 1m to 1.5 metre for the guy ropes. So if you hire a 5 metre bell tent, you will need to allow at least 6.5 metres of space.

If you’re planning to put up a bell tent in a garden or have a limited space, speak to us about a site visit.

Bell tents need to be pitched either on grass or on bare earth. It is sometimes possible to set up on gravel, but we would need to check the site first.

Bell tents can’t set up indoors, on patio slabs, on concrete or on tarmac.

Bell tents use two sets of tent pegs which are pegged into the ground. One set keeps the ground sheet secured and in place, and the other anchors the roof canvas. If we can’t get the pegs in the ground, the tent won’t be secure and it would collapse.

We do limit this to 4 guests per 5m bell for events as we found that there is simply not enough room for beautiful dresses, slick suits, nice hats and overnight night bags with more than 4 people.

For 4m bell tents this is 2 people.

We have tested the tents out at various events over a number of years to find the right numbers that work.

If we can give you a bit of advice it’s think carefully if you see a company saying you can sleep 10 people to a 5m bell. 

We have 7 years experience doing this and have set up hundreds of bell tent villages – it’s simply not possible. 

We have a 2 night minimum hire period.
You are welcome to hire your tent for one night only, however our pricing remains the same. This is because our prices are based on workload.

We still have the same amount of work in preparation, travel, erecting and furnishing your bell tent for one night as we would for two. 

Your bell tent hire starts at 2pm on the day we deliver and ends at 12 noon on the day we collect the tent, unless otherwise agreed. 

Wedding bell tent hire may differ depending on access restrictions at the venue.

You can have the tent for one night but our pricing remains the same as this is based on workload. 

Welcome to the great British summer!

We’re used to rain in the UK so all our tents are fully waterproof to protect you from the elements.

Our bell tents have zipped in ground sheets for greater flexibility. These are what are called ‘bathtub’ style tents. This means the zips that join the ground sheet to the upper canvas are above ground level which keeps the rain outside where it belongs.

The canvas has treated with water repellent and the shape of a bell tent also means water will run away easily.

Remember! If it does rain, it’s important you keep your tent windows and doors properly closed. If they are left open there will be nothing to stop the rain getting in.

Rain doesn’t have to put a dampener on your party. We also have 7m chill out bell tents for hire that will give you a great communal space undercover so you can enjoy the celebrations without worrying about the weather.

It’s unlikely we will still be on-site when you arrive. It’s much more exciting if your tents are all set up and ready and waiting for you when you get there. But if we are on-site, please do come over and say hello!

When you make your booking, you pay a deposit of 25% of the bell tent hire cost. We will send you a final invoice for the balance of your payment 28 days before the date of your hire.

You also must pay a damage deposit. This is explained in the next question.

A damage deposit, often called a damage waiver, is a refundable deposit you pay in case you damage the tent or any of the equipment. It’s very rare for our tents and stock to be damaged, but it does occasionally happen. 

Please do read your booking terms and conditions properly because it is a legally binding contract. We appreciate they are long and not wildly exciting, but they have been written in line with current legislation and are written in a format that is easy to read and understand. 

If you follow the terms and conditions that tell you what ‘to do and what not to do’, your damage waiver deposit will be refunded in full.

A damage waiver for a 4m and 5m bell tent – £100 per tent.

For 6m and 7m bell tents – £200 per tent.

Self collection tent hire service – £200 per tent.

Typically, your damage deposit is returned within 48 hours of us collecting the tents. 

If the tent or stock is found to be damaged on collection, we will email you immediately. This is done by email because it’s important to have a written record. 

You should maybe think about joining our Beautiful Bells’ team then! We’ve got one afraid of earwigs, another of spiders and another one who is afraid of frogs!

Okay, glamping means staying outdoors. And where you have the great outdoors, you are bound to have bugs.

Katrina is highly allergic to mosquito and horse fly bites so we fully understand that insect bites can make your glamping trip miserable.

Because of this, all the Beautiful Bells’ hire tents have secondary mosquito nets on the windows and on the doors. This means you can leave the tent doors and windows open knowing the mosquito net will keep the critters out.

If you react to insect bites, we recommend you bring some citronella candles, and pack insect repellent / Deet spray, and antihistamine, if you need it.

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