Exterior of 5m bell tent for pitch your own bell tent hire package

Pitch Your Own Bell Tent

PYO ... Bell tent hire on a budget

Back in 2020 we introduced our click and collect glamping to combat the lockdown blues. Back then everything was on click and collect and it seemed, well, fitting. 

After 3 successful summers, and now a cost of living crisis that’s putting summer at risk for a lot of families, (Well done Liz Truss) we’ve tweaked the name and reduced the price for summer 2023. 

Welcome ‘Pitch Your Own’ – or PYO.

So PYO gives you the chance to pitch your own garden glamping package at a reduced cost to us setting up for you. 

You simply collect your tent and accessories from us, take it home and set up, with our full instructions to help you, and then at the end of your 3 night hire, you pack everything down and return it back to us. 

If you’d prefer us to set up for your event then please do get in touch and we can discuss our bespoke services.

How much space do I need to PYO?

For a 5m bell tent you need approx 6.5m.

The 5m diameter of the tent itself  needs to be on grass.
Ideally the additional 1.5m for the guy lines also needs to be on grass BUT we have regularly run these into flower beds and borders if we’re tight on space. 

Artificial grass – don’t even try. You’ll ruin the substrate and your arms. And not in that order. 

How to book

You can send us an email or phone Katrina on 07747037656 to discuss Pitch Your Own bell tent packages. 

Please note we need 48 hours notice for click and collect to ensure we can pre test your airbeds fully. 

Collection points

We’ll agree this at the time of booking, but we have 2 collection points for Pitch Your Own bell tent packages:  SO32 and PO3.

Interior of a 5m bell tent for pitch your own bell tent packages

Pitch Your Own
Bell Tent Package & Pricing

5m tent package - £150
+ £150 returnable damage waiver

We’ve worked to create a package that you can take away without needing a small van or trailer to do so, but whilst giving you everything you need for your pitch your own bell tent package. 

What's included?

5m bell tent with poles and pegs 
Polypropylene bell tent matting
Airbeds for 4 people (mix of doubles and singles)
Airbed pump and charger 
Small table
1 x LED lanterns 
Fairy lights
Exterior bunting 
Spare airbed (or use for 5th person)
Instructions on how to pitch your garden glamping package! 

Pitching restrictions

Our tents are not to be pitched under trees – the aphids, sap, bird poo, and dirt that comes off the trees if it rains, are enough to destroy a canvas in under 24 hours! 

Fire pits must be pitched a minimum of 10m from any tent.
This is for your own safety and also because the smoke will turn a canvas black very quickly! 

Other than those 2 essentials … away you go! 

Damage waivers

We take a £150 damage waiver  for click and collect glamping  packages, this is in case any stock is damaged whilst out on hire. 

When you return your stock it will be checked and cleaned and your damage waiver returned within 24 hours.

Just treat your Pitch Your Own bell tent as if it were your own, and everything will be fine! 


Can I take my tent to a campsite?

Absolutely – do factor in the space it will take up in your car though.

If you are looking for a lovely family campsite in Hampshire try YMCA Fairthorne Manor – it’s fab!

When can I collect?

We start the Pitch your own bell tent collections from 2pm on the day of hire and we will give you a time to collect – these are in 30 minute windows to ensure we have enough time to move your pack outside ready for collection. 

Due to demand (and someone keeping us waiting for over 2 hours) we do ask that you are on time for your collection please, or if you are stuck in traffic or delayed that you contact us to let us know. 

Drop offs will be arranged for a suitable time for all.

Are they easy to put up?

you’re going to ace this. We honestly wouldn’t give you the option of Pitching your own bell tent if we didn’t know you could do it. 

But if you need a motivational pep talk mid way – just call us 🙂