Huge floral hoop inside the secret barn chandelier drops

the secret barn

somewhere in West Sussex

‘The Secret Barn is a ‘proper barn’, on a proper farm, nestled down a quiet country lane in West Sussex, with views of The Downs and lovely countryside.

This barn is the quintessential rural ideal, complete with a paddock for camping, an orchard crying out to hold a little ceremony, a lawn for canapé-ing on or toasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Think trestle tables, garland lights, hay bales, star gazing, wild flowers, Darling Buds of May, festivally fun.


For more information on The Secret Barn please contact Hannah from Petal and Feast. 



The Secret Barn is a authentically rustic hideaway, it has beams and original flooring, it is not a ‘done up wedding barn’, and we love it all the more for its cracks and creaks.

The Secret Barn will only be taking on a very limited number of bookings – we have no intention of turning this little slice of Sussex into a wedding factory, and we want every couple that books to be able to relax and enjoy it, without the feeling that they have to be out and cleared up for the next wedding on the conveyor belt.

If you would like to know more about The Secret Barn, please give us a shout and tell us all about your plans.’


Couple getting married in the orchard at The Secret Barn with guess watching

GLAMPING AT the secret barn

We’ve been developing our best t-shirt bell tent tans at the barn for nearly 6 years now.

So when you call and ask us about the venue, when we say we know it well – we mean we know it well! 

We’re able to offer bell tent accommodation for up to 40 guests and can provide a luxury wedding bell for you on you wedding night in one of our glamping wedding bell tents.

Take advantage of our online guest booking pages so you don’t have to worry about the camping admin, and can get on with all the lovely handmade touches that make The Secret Barn the most perfect of spots for your barn wedding. 

For more information on glamping at the Secret Barn get it touch. 

What areas do we cover?

We provide our luxury mobile bell tent hire for weddings in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxford, Surrey, and East and West Sussex. 

 We also cover the rest of the UK with our bell tent villages for weddings, but minimum order numbers may be higher.