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Wedding trends: The rise of the ‘hangover kit’

Wedding trends: The rise of the hangover kit


We’ve all woken up with a mouth like sandpaper, a head that thinks even the smallest whisper is a pneumatic drill going off, and a ruddy completion that can only mean one thing.

Yes, we got drunk last night.

Weddings, my friends, are prime culprits for this period of remorse and regret. Wine on the table, possibly a free bar, dancing, happiness, and the good times roll. Until the next day.

And we already know that the good times just keep on rolling when you get back to camp.

Over the last season we saw a huge rise in couples kitting out their guests to deal with the morning of disaster with hangover kits, or glamping bags left in guests tents.

Super cool gift.

We’ve had handmade cloth bags, bought cloth bags, brown paper bags printed with peacock feathers and they have all looked amazing. We’ve had red crosses printed on bags too. And the words ‘in sickness and in health’ have never been so apt.

So we’ve put together our top 10 essential items to help guests in their morning of need…


1 Water. Come on we all know that before bed and after too much partying we should be chugging liters of water to stave off the dehydration.

We also know that half of us forget, then wake up in the middle of the night blindly reaching for liquid.

2. Paracetamol. I’m yet to encounter a bag that doesn’t cater for a headache. Ibuprofen also make a regular appearance. (Swollen feet from all the dancing?)

A great idea is to cut the packets down so there’s the right amount of tablets in each bag.

IMG_96663. Eye masks. With sunrise as early as 4:30am in the height of the summer, getting more than a couple of hours shut eye after a night of partying is always appreciated.

We love an eye mask. They are also a lot more comfortable than sleeping in your sunglasses (yep I totally do that).

4. Ear plugs. No-one wants to wake up at 5am to someone 2 tents down snoring like a freight train. We’d also like to thank those people who forgot to use them over the summer. Our van is now stocked with unopened packets ready for our next camping trip.

5. Crisps. All hail the mighty spud! Cheese and onion seem to be the flavour of choice. And who doesn’t love a cheese and onion crisp right?

6. Sweets. Haribo and Lovehearts. Small packets, cute messages, jelly rings. Enough said.

7. Chewing gum. Because sometimes even brushing your teeth is too much like hard work.

8. Hand sanitiser. We don’t really need to explain this one do we?

9. Fruit. It’s time to put some goodness back in. Easy peal please though. Brains aren’t ready for the mammoth mission of removing tough orange skin.

10. Berocca. Yes it makes the water go a funny colour. And no it isn’t that people have had a wee in the bottle (as someone thought during the summer. Yes we wondered how someone had made it to adulthood without Berocca for breakfast at least once too).

Again, package individually to drop one in each bag.

10a. So we had one more….. Miniature torches. We know these aren’t for hangovers. They are for drunk people who need to find their way in the middle of the night. Because they’re such a good idea they still had to make it onto our top 10.

Please note that Beautiful Bells are not condoning binge drinking. Which we all know is not big or clever.

We’re just realists.


Katrina x