Uber glam glamping

We obviously love glamping, because we love being outdoors in nature and we love extended get-togethers with our closest friends. Some people love camping… we’re talking basic camping, roughing it with only the basics. Some people would only consider ‘glamping’, bell tent stylie, like what we do. And some people wouldn’t even consider that, preferring to skulk off to a nearby B&B or hotel.

We provide bell tent hire for weddings and events to make people’s live easier, so those having glamping weddings, or putting on festivals or parties can have a bespoke pop-up hotel on site. When you turn up at a wedding, or a festival, you don’t really want to pitch a tent do you? You want to dump your stuff and head to the nearest bar, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have far to stumble home… am I right? We offer bell tent hire in Hampshire and West Sussex because we want you to experience all the fun of camping but with luxury facilities. That’s why we provide proper, quality camp beds (no squidgy air beds here) that are off the floor (ideal for stowing bits under thus saving space). We make the beds in our bell tents with real sheets and pillows and we provide a minimum of 13.5 tog duvets. We also supply cushions, lighting and a small table. Note, a small table when camping/glamping offers is an underrated luxury! It makes such a difference to pop your drink on a table rather than the floor… and your book, your phone and whatever night-time paraphernalia you need close to hand.

We believe our bell tent packages offer everything you need for a super comfy glamping experience but of course there are other things you could think about adding to super charge your stay.


We pitch our bell tents wherever we’re instructed, it’s down to you to choose the location, whether it’s for a family glamping get together, a celebratory festival or a glamping wedding. For an uber-glam glamping experience how about a venue with a pool, beautiful views and luxury toilet/shower facilities? Sounds five star to us!

If you need some advice re venue/locations, please get in touch, we know lots of great glamping-friendly/festival wedding venues and brilliant campsites.

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Food and drink

If a glamping wedding’s the order of the day, food and drink is likely to be laid on in the form of super-duper caterers or street-food-style traders (if you’re lucky your hosts might even lay on tea and bacon butties in the morning). In which case you won’t need to think about food (beyond a snack or two for midnight munchies). If it’s a private get together, a birthday gathering maybe, you’ll want to plan meals in advance. Invest in a large, good quality cool box, prep food in advance if you can, and a good tip is to take frozen food. It will help keep everything cold and slowly defrost. Think about things you can take from home, such as spices, salt & pepper, condiments, oils etc and pre-empt other things you’ll need like bin bags, Tupperware for leftovers, tin foil, lighters/matches, kitchen roll, utensils and washing up facilities. Finally, make sure you’ve got plenty of water, being dehydrated in a tent is no fun. And beer and wine of course!

If you like the idea of super-glam glamping but don’t want the hassle of sourcing/packing everything, for an additional charge we can provide hampers containing plates, bowls, cutlery and mugs. We also do stove and kettle packs, and cooking packs containing stove (and gas), kettle, saucepans, frying pan and utensils. We also hire fire pits including wood and kindling but you will need to check it’s okay with your venue… it’s not glamping if you haven’t toasted a marshmallow or wrapped a potato or chocolate-stuffed banana in tin foil and tossed it in the fire.

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Keeping kids happy

Kids love camping… they’re probably not bothered about uber-glam glamping or even glamping and they’re probably don’t care about our super beds or 13.5 tog duvets. There are fields to run around it, trees to climb, insects to hunt down, and of course our bell tents are a pretty cool experience for youngsters Just take along a football, maybe some kites, or task them with putting on a talent show for their parents. There’s not much chance of getting bored if you include them in fire-building, washing up and water collecting.


Lighting is important. We provide LED lanterns in our bell tents and exterior solar lights. We can also hire tea light chandeliers with a full set of LED tea lights for an additional charge. We’ve mentioned candles but it’s a good idea to also think about torches/head torches for finding your way to the toilet (and back!) in the night.

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If you’re going to the effort of some impressive alfresco cooking, you’re going to want somewhere suitable to sit and enjoy it. If there are no picnic benches on site, see if you can take a camping table and chairs, it will make all the difference. Pop a tablecloth on, some enamel plates, durable plastic wine glasses, a few Citronella candles, forage some wild flowers to pop in an old beer bottle as a centrepiece… and hey presto, living your best life. You can sit there for hours as the sun goes down. Top tip: If you throw some sage in the campfire it will keep the bugs away.

While on the subject of furniture, if your party/get together involves staying in camp, it’s nice to have a big outdoor rug. You can drag the cushions out of the bell tents for some serious R&R. We hire deckchairs too, perfect for getting stuck into your book after lunch or having a cheeky snooze.

Other ideas for things to pack to upgrade your glamping experience

Wet wipes, speakers for music, plenty of layers and socks (glamping no fun if you’re cold), a portable phone charger (we urge you to take a digital detox but you’ll still want juice to capture the magic on camera), eye masks, a pack of cards and a mirror.

Please take a look at our bell tent hire options and contact us with your requirements.

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