Eco Wedding Glitter

Sparkle with a conscience this festival season

Think festivals and wedding glamping and you may think floaty dresses, bare feet, flower crowns, plastic cups of cider and glitter by the bucketload. Well the eco-conscious will not only want to rethink plastic cups, but also look very carefully at the glitter they’re smothering themselves in.

More than 60 UK festivals have committed to banning non-biodegradable glitter by 2021 as part of The Association of Independent Festivals ‘Drastic on Plastic’ campaign.

So, what’s the problem with glitter?

The problem with most commonly available glitter is that it’s manufactured using a PET (plastic) film that easily enters our environment. Microplastics pollute our seas and harm marine life.

Eeek I NEED glitter in my life!

Fear not my friends… You WILL still sparkle when wedding glamping this summer as there are now an array of greener alternative on the market. Biodegradable, plant-based cellulose is typically used to make eco glitter. Eucalyptus tree extract is metallised with aluminium and coloured to give it sparkle. To the naked eye it looks the same, but it’s broken down naturally by micro-organisms in soil and seawater. And what’s more, bio glitter is around 40% softer on skin than the plastic stuff. Sounds much more comfortable when you’re caked in the stuff in blazing sunshine!

Where can I get this good stuff?

Wild Glitter

Wild Glitter was born when festival-loving Olivia was in the shower after a particularly heavy weekend of glitter use. Watching a weekend’s worth of plastic glitter wash down the plughole she realised she was putting thousands of tiny pieces of plastic into the water system, and ultimately the ocean. Wild Glitter offers an ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free way to sparkle.

Eco Glitter Fun

Check out this online shop for all the sparkly inspiration including beard glitter and biodegradable confetti cannons. Colours include candy floss blend, merry-go-round blend and aqua uber disco ball blend. They come in grade fine to uber chunky!

Luxury Glitter Bar

This company is based in Norfolk but happy to travel. They offer a portable eco glitter bar. Their glitter artist will make you and your guests shine with luxe bindis, gems and biodegradable glitter. They say: “It’s cool to be kind. We love glitter, but we also love our planet!

We offer bell tent hire in Hamshire and West Sussex. For a glamping wedding why not set up a glitter bar in one of our chill-out bells?



Photos: Photography by Paloma

Hair & glitter: Laura Swain


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