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Rent a bell tent

Rent a bell tent – the pro’s of bell tent hire!

With staycations now very much on the cards for 2020 and the foreseeable future, we’re seeing a rise in the number of people enquiring about renting a bell tent.

Whether you’re new glampers or seasoned campers, we’ve put together a list of Pro’s for opting to hire a bell tent this year!


A glamping holiday is low cost. And unlike most bell tent hire companies, Beautiful Bells doesn’t charge extra for peak season or weekend bookings.

With the price of air travel expected to rise due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there really has been no better time to try some old fashioned camp out!

No costly camping equipment:

Camping holidays are great fun, but if you don’t already own everything, you’ll need to invest in a lot of costly equipment.
For a lot of first time campers that’s a big outlay without being sure whether you’ve got the camping bug!

Rent a tent first, and if you fall in love then you can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of buying.

Try before you buy

If you’re thinking about buying a bell tent, we know from first hand experience it’s a big investment! I spent over 6 months researching before I bought my first bell tent. It’s a big commitment.

Renting a bell tent is a good way to see if you like it and we also offer a click and collect glamping package if you want to collect a tent from us and pitch it yourself.

Rent a bell tent for camping and weddings in Hampshire and West Sussex
Joanna Cleeve Photography

No packed cars, no trailers to tow: 

Camping gear takes up a lot of space, not only in the boot, but to store at home.
When you hire your bell tent, you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in the car or towing a trailer behind you. Which leaves more space for the wine…Sorry I meant children!

No struggling with tents: 

When you arrive at your camp site, everything is ready and waiting for you. You don’t have to erect or dismantle your tent – all that is done for you. 

We like to think we’ve saved many an argument over the years over how to put a tent up. (We’ve also witnessed a few!)

If you’re looking for a campsite this summer check out YMCA Fairthorne Manor!

Home comforts: 

Forget sleeping on roll mats in sleeping bags.
We’ve camped and glamped for years and the one thing we ALWAYS take is our real duvet.
So when you rent a bell tent from us, all of our bedding is a minimum of 13.5 tog duvets, with real sheets and pillows. 

Interior of 5m Lux gleaming tent. Rent a bell tent in Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey


If our British weather decides to throw a curve ball on the day you go home, then you can just pack up and go without having to deal with wet canvas when you get back. 

We can assure you from experience that setting up a cold and damp tent when you’ve just got home isn’t great fun! So if you rent a bell tent we’ll worry about the drying – you just need to worry about the big bag of washing you brought home…

Support local: 

It’s no secret that the hospitality and tourism industry has taken a huge blow this year.
By hiring a bell tent you’re doing a bit to rebuild our industry which in turn helps to rebuild our economy! (who knew renting a bell tent could be such a good thing?!)

Eco and sustainable: 

We’ve all seen pictures of abandoned tents and camping equipment at festivals. Well sometimes this happens at campsites too.

This is because a lot of tents just aren’t built to last. A £10 tent does not have the longevity of a canvas bell.

So by renting a bell tent (in a small way) you’re helping reduce waste!

Convinced? Get in touch to hire a bell tent!

Whatever you do this summer, do have a great time – I think we can all agree the last few weeks have really taught us how much we miss our beautiful countryside and also the people we love.


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