Glamping wedding toilets

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Right, so you’re having a glamping wedding… you need facilities! We know perusing porterloos and ogling bogs is not the most glamourous part of your wedding planning but hopefully our advice will cut some of the crap and let you have fun with décor and detail.

Lush loos for glamping dos

What do you think when you think festival toilets? Those grey plastic units that you pump to flush? Mmmm thick green bleach. Only they’re blocked through sheer overuse and the hand sanitiser ran out a loooong time ago. Does the thought make you shudder and head for your own luxury lav to stroke your quilted toilet paper?

Queuing for the toilet in muddy fields is almost a British festival institution but at your glamping wedding we’re sure you’re going to push the boat out on something a bit fancier than that.

Think toilet trailer and you’d be on the right track for a wedding. You want cubicles, sinks, good size mirrors, decent ventilation and quality lighting. Check out the #loocrew at Loos for Dos for ideas and price guides. On the subject of facilities, some of your guests might take a packet of wet wipes and opt for a ‘festival wash’ the next morning, but some will appreciate a hot shower after partying and sleeping in a field.

Shitter Chatter

Toilets at weddings are where some of the best conversations happen. They’re where lipstick and powder are reapplied and where the bride needs all her bridesmaids to help with her dress… cue much guffawing. They’re the place where, happy and beary-eyed, toilet roll gets stuck in the back of your skirt, only to be noticed when you saunter off back to the party. Sordid shenanigans might take place in a cubicle. Excellent fodder that will have you howling over your bacon butties in the morning.

How do I power my party portables?

Toilet trailers with sinks and flushable toilets require power and water. Ask the hire companies you’re researching whether they provide a generator or if you need to hire one separately. Most units require a power source of 13 amp. With regards to water, if you don’t have a mains supply you will need to find a hire company who can provide a fresh water tank too.

Shower units provide hot water so you need electricity or gas. They typically need a 240V electric supply (mains or via a generator), or propane gas bottles. Again, you will need a mains water supply or the hire company will need to provide a 250 gallon water tank.

Loo with a view

When you’re planning the site for your festival-style, glamping wedding think carefully about where best to situate toilets and showers. They need flat, firm ground and obviously access to deliver and collect. Don’t place them too close to the bell tents, no one wants to camp next to the toilets, but equally no one wants to walk too far, half cut in the middle of the night. For shower units, you must consider the water will need to soak away externally.

Eco considerations

We offer bell tent hire in Hampshire and West Sussex and we’re privileged to call the great outdoors our office. We’re passionate about being kind to the environment and respecting the eco-systems at your chosen land venue. You should seek to return the land to as close to normal state as possible on completion of your event. This means careful consideration and conversations with your hire company about soak-aways for shower units.

Maybe you do want a porterloo with pumping bleach and hand sanitiser for eco reasons (even though we poo pooed them earlier, no pun intended). They’re a green choice as no water’s required, there are no paper towels and you don’t need power. If you went down that route then maybe think of an alternative solution for hair/makeup/mirrors/gossip. Why not hire a bell tent to use as a pamper parlour? A comfy space with mirrors and dressing tables. Ideal for bridal prep, throughout the event and the next morning. See our recent post about eco glitter, a glitter station would be great in a pamper tent.

Pimp your toilet trailer

We say fancy up your cubicles (or your pamper tent) and offer some talking points for your guests. How about having perfume and lollies reminiscent of the clubs you frequented in the nineties? Other ideas include chewing gum, hair spray, paracetamol and condoms. Or how about setting up a temporary tattoo station in the toilet? Great fun!

You could also think about decorating the outside of the toilet trailer with fairy or festoon lighting.

Sexy, lust worthy loos

We highly recommend local company Southdowns Shepherds Huts, who hire fresh water flush loos in boutique shepherds huts… and super cute shower shacks! Their huts and shacks boast a quality feel internally and externally, with hot and cold water, towels, luxury hand wash and lotions. There is even a chalkboard on the outside to personalise your event. I bet you never thought your toilets would double as a photo opportunity!

We would love to quote for anything from a pamper bell tent to a full bell tent village. Please check out our weddings page and get in touch.

Top four photos Loos for Dos, bottom two Southdown Shepherds Huts.

Glamping wedding toilets

Glamping wedding toilets

Glamping wedding toilets

Glamping wedding toilets

Glamping wedding toilets

Glamping wedding toilets

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