Wedding Glamping

Family friendly wedfest 

You may choose to limit children at your festival wedding, preferring the idea of your friends being carefree and partying like it’s 1999 (sounds dangerous) or you may embrace a big family friendly wedfest celebration where everyone parties together. We know the picture-postcard idyll of families laughing together and #makingmemories can be a far cry from reality.

Family bonding

You may think erecting a tent will be a bonding family experience, but the reality is, the kids will find it hilarious to stab each other with tent pegs, you’ll probably forget the airbed pump and you’ll start the weekend stressed and sweaty… it’s not a good look and THAT’S why we offer bell tent hire! Wedding glamping is A LOT easier for you.

Ditch your stuff, crack a beer and let the kids run wild.

Our 5m bell tents will accommodate a family of four and you can visit our wedding page for information on bell tent hire, in Hampshire and West Sussex, to suit the whole family.

Festival-style, glamping weddings offer a sensory overload for kids. Imagine the amazement at seeing a fully kitted out bell tent for the first time. Wedding glamping is a far cry from a duvet den in the living room. Then of course there’s hay bales, ice cream, face painting, dancing and whatever else is on the agenda. It’s a break from the norm. There’s no school run, no tv, no homework, there’s old friends, copious amounts of booze and (hopefully) sunshine. Here we’ve got some ideas for wedding glamping activities to suit both young and old.

A humble football and a couple of goals offer hours of fun for a glamping wedding. With obligatory beer breaks of course, it’s thirsty work. Vintage-style garden games are fun for everyone too; hook-a-duck, coconut shy, giant Jenga or a tin can alley. On the subject of games, we absolutely love The Pac Van pop-up gaming cinema. Show your kids the games you played in your youth. Consoles at the ready, I think a game of Street Fighter’s in order.

Photo booths

A must-have for weddings! Three-year-olds and 83-year-olds alike will love donning feather boas and silly glasses. West Sussex-based Instavan is a really cool caravan photo booth that doubles as a festival prop. Auntie Jean will feel right at home with the net curtains and vintage record player.

Why not go charity shopping and collect bits for a practical dressing up box? Wide brim hats and fun visors to protect from the midday sun, an array of vintage sunglasses and cheap flowery headbands from Claire’s Accessories. Your guests will love it and its excellent fodder for photographs.

Kids, parents and grandparents will all have fun applying Doris Loves awesome temporary tattoos. Again, brilliant photos are in order when your granny’s sporting an I LOVE MUM tattoo.

Hire a face painter who is just as comfortable at the school fete as they are at Bestival i.e. tasteful accents for the grownups (so as not to spoil makeup), and awesome fairies and action heros for the kids.

A chill out bell tent is an excellent base to station the face painter and dressing up box (it’s a good place for communal naps too).

What do you call a sheep with no legs? A Cloud.

How about this for a unique (and free) idea to keep everyone entertained – a kid’s talent show. Schedule it for the day after the wedding and they’ll spend the weekend practicing their act. Genius. Seven-year-olds doing stand-up comedy will have everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Obviously, everyone loves a traditional ice cream van. Mr Whippy with a flake for me please… our favourites are Pinks and Caravanilla.

Caricatures can be sketched in five minutes and they’re a really fun keepsake.

As dusk falls, and the kids are getting sleepy (AKA over tired and punching each other), round everyone up on hay bales in front of a big screen. Carry the kids to bed in their bell tents, safe in the knowledge they’ll sleep like logs, and let the evening soiree commence.

To be continued…


Wedding Glamping in Hampshire. Man with festival face paint.

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Wedding Glamping

Photo and supplier credits:

Lewis and Schofield 
Eclection Photography 
Lesley Burdett
Liz Seacombe
Jessica Millberg
Fiesta Fields 


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