Come and meet us this weekend!

It’s our annual open weekend with Tentario this weekend! So we thought we’d highlight the benefits of coming along to see us, whatever stage of planning you’re at.


  • We’ll have a full bell tent village set up so you’ll get to see how obsessive we are about detail (we can tell you all about how we iron our bunting with hair straighteners if you like). Touch the fabric, lie on our comfy beds and feel the quality coir matting beneath your bare feet. Seeing pretty pictures is great but there’s nothing quite like being inside a bell tent and getting a feel for the space and quality interiors.
  • Our bell tent villages work perfectly as accommodation for a tipi wedding and we’ve worked closely with Tentario for more than five years. They’re setting up their Giant Hat Tipis complete with furniture and fire pits and Becky and Andy are on hand to answer any questions.
  • If you’re planning a glamping wedding but don’t have a venue yet then it’s a great opportunity to see The Venue at Woodmancote (near Henfield, West Sussex). You can chat to the guys about availability and how it all works. We chose to host at this venue because it’s perfect for a festival-style glamping wedding; beautiful scenery, exceptional wildlife and a stunning lake.
  • When organising an outdoor wedding at a blank canvas land hire venue, it can be daunting thinking about all the ‘non-glamorous’ things. Who wants to be thinking about toilets and generators? You want to be getting on with pinning flower crowns and boho bridesmaids dresses don’t you? Outdoor Event Equipment Hire (yes, it’s a terrible mouthful which is why we call them OEEH) will be there at the weekend to chat all things practical – chillers, heaters, field kitchens, luxury toilets and generators. They may seem like boring things but without these essentials there’d be no music, no food and you’d be sipping warm beer and fizz… and that doesn’t sound like a good party to us. Of course there are lots of equipment hire companies out there but OEEH is trusted and recommended by us. (P.s. if you DO want to find out about the intricacies of toilet hire, have a look at our recent post, Let’s Talk Shit)
  • You buy from people you like… and hopefully you’ll like us! We’re not a bad bunch. We’re super relaxed and love to chat all things wedding and hear about your ideas. We’ve set-up so many glamping weddings and events so you can pick our brains, and we can advise from our experience. You’ll probably find us in flip flops with a beer in hand. Needless to say there’s no hard sell.
  • The feeling of being outdoors for an extended period of time makes you feel good (that’s why we love what we do!). Get out and about and get some great Instagram fodder. Don’t forget to tag us! @beautiful_bells_glamping. We say make a weekend of it, tie it in with a Sunday lunch so you can mull over what you’ve seen and make some decisions! You can pick up a free copy of Margot’s Wedding special issue on the day too… read it in the bath with a nice glass of wine!
  • Even if you’ve already booked with us or any of the others suppliers, this is a great chance to get into ‘excited wedding mode’ and bring all your friends and family so they can get excited too.
  • You may have been to wedding fairs but you probably haven’t found much in the way of outdoor inspiration. We’ve tried them and that’s why we put on our own events! We need space and soft ground. If you’re planning a glamping wedding, get the basics sorted first and then go wild sourcing your photographer, cake, catering etc.
  • Entry is free, we don’t run these open days to make a profit, we run them so you can see what we have to offer, in a beautiful setting.
  • The open day will get you in the mood for all things glamping weddings, so can I take this opportunity to point you in the direction of our recent posts: bridal festival fashion and eco glitter.


We offer bell tent hire in Hampshire and West Sussex, so if that’s what you’re after, come and see us! Contact us to make an appointment for Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th April.

Click HERE for the Facebook event.

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings
Bobby Mills Photography

Bell tent village on the racecourse with blue skies at Plumpton Racecourse
Craig Payne Photography
Outdoor weddings
Margot’s Wedding. Photo Nicola Kirk.

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