Bell tent village on the racecourse with blue skies at Plumpton Racecourse

Choose A Short Walk Home

When you choose to have an outdoor glamping wedding you choose no curfew. No carriages. You choose to have children running barefoot having the time of their life. You choose footballs, bubbles and hide and seek. You choose factor fifty…

Choose a bell tent village for your guests. Choose glamorous camping. Choose festival bridal wear, choose braids in your hair. Choose flats. Choose glitter. Choose flowers crowns and tasselly earrings. Choose lanyards and plastic cups. Choose street food and live acts. Choose festoon lighting and shepherds hut toilets. Choose a tipi with a firepit. Choose benches and reindeer hides. Choose a chill out tent. Choose an outdoor lounge. Choose to hang lampshades in the trees. Choose funny props for your photo booth. Choose temporary tattoos. Choose a fun photographer. Choose video. Choose kegs of beer, bales of hay. Choose air kisses. Choose sweaty games of football. Choose your team. Choose wisely. Choose sunscreen. Choose Lynx. Choose a moon arch of wildflowers and an eclectic celebrant. Choose to walk down the aisle with your dog. Choose tweed and brown brogues. Choose sunglasses and caps. Choose to be outdoors with everyone you love. Choose to light up the trees. Choose changing into your trainers. Choose a silent disco. Choose crazy dance floor requests. Chose Come on Eileen and New York New York. Choose dad dancing and the Conga. Choose Jägerbombs. Choose an acoustic guitar and a sing song around the campfire. Choose cheese and biscuits. Choose marshmallows and hot chocolate. Choose a nightcap. Choose fireworks. Choose star gazing. Choose Orion. Choose the Plough. Choose a hay bale for a bed. Choose new friends. Choose not wanting the night to end. Choose a cheeky smooch and a fumble in the dark. Choose a short walk home. Choose your bell tent. Choose a comfy bed. Choose to sleep in your make up. Choose stumbling to the toilet. Choose peeing in the bushes. Choose a hangover. Choose waking up in your clothes. Choose the walk of shame. Choose waking up boiling. Choose water, Paracetamol and strong coffee. Choose Bloody Mary’s and a cold shower. Choose raucous laughter. Choose cups of tea and bacon rolls. Choose big hugs. Choose muddy feet and burnt noses.

Choose to never forget. Choose memories. Choose the time of your life.

Choose Beautiful Bells

Fiesta Fields
Fiesta Fields – Lesley Burdett Photography
Girl at festival wedding
Jordanna Marston Photography
Wedding menswear
Photography by Paloma (Dapper & Suave)
Festival wedding attire
Lesley Burdett Photography
Eco Wedding Glitter
Photography by Paloma
Wedding Glamping
Eclection Photography

5m bell tent set up for corporate glamping. Also available for the Nostalgia Show 2019

Bell tent village on the racecourse with blue skies at Plumpton Racecourse
Craig Payne Photography

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