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Holibobs and the Taj Mahal

Holibobs and the Taj Mahal

So after a pretty flat out 5 months (and before an even busier spring and summer) we went to see some friends in Wales last weekend to celebrate Steve’s birthday.

Becky and Garreth live in the middle of nowhere with 2 dogs, 9 chickens and death row Darren (the cockerel who is steadily heading down the green mile), 3 horses, 1 tortoise and 4 sheep.

Not only do they have an array of animals but also a LOT of space!

Steve’s birthday always seems to produce extreme weather in one way or another, from crazy storms, to snow last year! And this year the sun remembered it’s alter ego … you know the one not hidden behind the rain clouds!

Because we have our first set up of the impressive 7 metre bell tent in 3 weeks for a very special birthday party we thought we’d seize the opportunity, space and sun and have a go at what I would term ‘time trials’.

IMG_3021The pictures aren’t of the best quality as we were running on phone cameras, but this one I’ve named man v’s tent (look closely for him!)

It’s huge.

We opted for the 2 door version instead of the standard one door when ordering. The Taj Mahal will hold 30 people seated or standing and we thought logistics. 30 people? One tent door could be awkward. And now having seen it up I know we made the right choice.

Interlinking tents

I’ve been joking since it arrived that we should see if we can link it to a 5 metre tent.

I mean how cool would that be? A 7m living space for a weekend, with a 5m bedroom too. Granted yes, it’s an obscene amount of space for 2 people, but actually what if you really wanted a palatial space for your wedding weekend? If it’s like the festival weddings we’ve been to before where they last 4 days, then why not! What if 6 hens were going away for an extended weekend glamping and wanted a huge chill out area with bean bags and floor cushions as well as a separate bedroom? Or bride and bridesmaids wanted canvas for their last night together? With this much space, hanging up dresses and getting ready would be a doodle.

So after the 3 of us put it up on test run Sunday, Garreth said ‘what you need is another tent next to it’

I agreed. But we’d brought this one 200 miles, anymore in the car and we’d have broken the chassis!

Now we’re not really ones for grand romantic gestures. But Steve proceeded to woo me with the camping girls version of 12 red roses, a box of chocolates and a trip to Paris.

‘Do you want to put a 5m tent next it?’ (daft question Steve!)

‘Yes of course I do. But we don’t have one’

‘Go and open the back of Garreth’s van’

IMG_3037Turns out as well as sending Garreth down in advance with the telescope (there’s no light pollution here), the chainsaw (boys will be boys) he sent an extra tent too.


Back to work we went! And although we’ve worked out it’s not possible to butt them like this due to guy ropes and saggy sides on the 5m bell, we have worked out how to get there with the added help of a bell tent canopy bridging the gap.

So watch this space for new improved tent interlinking!!

The Taj Mahal on it’s own has so many uses, hen parities, children’s parties, teenager sleepovers, honeymoon suites, heck yoga classes even, that trying to give you a set package price is difficult.

For this reason we have provided you with an price for ‘au naturel’ to give you a basic hire cost for the tent including delivery, erection and collection.

IMG_3062Whatever your other plans please contact me so I can discuss what you are looking to do and provide you with a bespoke price and package. As ever we will be aiming to keep prices affordable and value for money!

So now it’s back to the real world, bookings, enquiries, as well as actual tent putting up!

The weekend gave us all a taste of the months to come, and I hope you all the seized the opportunity to get outdoors for a long walk, a country pub beer or even a bit of camping. It was heavenly not to feel a drop of rain and return with slightly pink noses and recharged!

Here’s to spring in all it’s wondrous glory!