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Bride stood infant of bell tent village

Ethical Blooms

We recently did a post about ethical vegan weddings where we briefly touched upon wedding flowers. Today we’re delving a little deeper to educate you on how you can do your bit when it comes to keeping your blooms as ethical as possible.

The UK spends £2.2bn on cut flowers every year, but just 10% are grown here compared to 20 years ago, when half of flowers sold here were from the UK. This represents a significant environmental problem because of the impact on water resources, the chemicals used in the growing process, energy used on refrigeration and the carbon footprint associated with air freighting.

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Groups of hens laid on the floor in cream bell tent, wearing eco glitter

Hen-tastic Games

If you’re staying with us at hen camp this year you’ll be busy organising activities and buying L plates and penis straws. No hen is complete without a game or two so we’ve compiled our favourite ideas…

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Wedding Glamping Lighting

Love & Light

Glamping’s all about setting up a luxurious, super-comfortable and inviting camp. We’ve got the bell tents, comfy beds, soft linen, cushions, sheepskins rugs etc sorted,

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Come and meet us this weekend!

It’s our annual open weekend with Tentario this weekend! So we thought we’d highlight the benefits of coming along to see us, whatever stage of planning you’re at.

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Vegan Wedding

Vegan Weddings

If you and your partner are vegan, are you planning to have a fully vegan wedding? Maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to show your guests what’s important to you and demonstrate that you don’t need animal products to have an amazing time.

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