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Singapore or bust #1 … You don’t need to fly

Through conversations with people about why we’re travelling across land I’ve encountered a lot of other people who would love to travel, but they just can’t get on a plane. And if you’re getting married and have a honeymoon to plan then you’ll have the world asking where you’re going, and sometimes making assumptions about how exciting your trip can possibly be when you’re not clocking up the airmiles.
We show you how it can be done! Singapore or bust – no planes included! You don’t need to fly…

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Uber glam glamping

We obviously love glamping, because we love being outdoors in nature and we love extended get-togethers with our closest friends.
Some people love camping… we’re talking basic camping, roughing it with only the basics. Some people would only consider ‘glamping’, bell tent stylie, like what we do. And some people wouldn’t even consider that, preferring to skulk off to a nearby B&B or hotel.

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Heatwave Wedding

If you can’t stand the heat…

Thought you wanted a balmy summer glamping wedding but weren’t quite prepared for a heatwave? Couples up and down the country are busy making last minute provisions for upcoming nuptials as the temperature continues to rise.

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Pets at weddings

Party Animals

Who’s more deserving of a place at your wedding – your work colleague you’re not particularly keen on, or your four-legged best friend who lives

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