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Bells top tips for keeping warm whilst camping this spring

Keep it warm. Our top 10 tips.


Much as spring has sprung and the days are getting warmer, at night time the temperature is still dropping. A crisp clear night can leave you shivering in your bed, and most of it is down to getting into that bed already feeling cold.

We stay outside later in the evening when we’re camping than we would do at home, so think in advance about what you want to pack. And if you think you’ve added enough clothes to the pile…. add more!


Beautiful Bells’ 10 top tips to keep warm camping this spring

1. Layer up!! Less is not more where this is concerned. More layers will keep you warmer than one thick jumper and they are easy to remove one at a time if you do get warm, and increase one at a time as you get cold.

2. Don’t wait to be freezing before you put the next layer on. As the temperature starts to drop – start dressing.

3. PJs – if it’s cold sleep in them! And your socks! About half an hour before bed put them on under your normal clothes, that way they will warm up!

4. The trusty hot water bottle! Not just for when you’re sick and your mum is looking after you. Pack one! And boil that kettle! It’s worth the faff. Half the battle getting to sleep if it’s cold is getting into a cold bed, and this will warm you up.

5. If you’ve got a blanket, tuck it in around the bottom of your bed to stop you kicking your covers off.

6. Hat? If it really does get cold I’ve been known to sleep in a trusty beanie hat. Most of our warmth is lost through our head so this keeps it in!

7. Think about what you are wearing outside on your bottom half. Leggings are great (and comfy) but not very thick. Put your jeans over the top of them.

8. Make sure you’ve eaten! We all known alcohol thins your blood, do the right thing and feed your body first.

9. Campfire, campfire, campfire! If you are allowed one on your site then it will keep the chill off.

10.  Warm drinks. Get that hot chocolate on the go!


We hope you have a great (and warm!) camp out!

Katrina 🙂