Hen in feathered headdress. Tips for planning a glamping hen party
Photography by Paloma

(for painless planning!)


We’ve put together some glamping hen party tips and hints to help you organise your glamping hen party.

You’ll also find a link to an activities sheet with some suggestions from us, and some that have been tried and tested by previous glamping hen parties! 

We set up bell tents for hen parties in Hampshire, The New Forest, Sussex and Surrey, across campsites and private gardens. 

From April – September we also have a designated hen camp on the outskirts of the New Forest 


Grab yourself a wing person.

Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas with. And sometimes you just need someone to shout with. Hen party planning can be stressful! 

Trying to arrange dates that accommodate 20 people is no easy task. It’s on par with trying to wrestle a toddler into a car seat. 

Anyway, the phrase ‘a load shared is a load halved’ is said for a reason. Split the jobs. Split the stress, and possibly make a new friend if it’s another hen you don’t really know! 


Let’s be honest, most of us that check the screen time on our phones are pretty horrified at just how often we spend looking at them. 

With that in mind utilise WhatsApp for a hen party group chat, or Facebook messenger. And if you’ve a member of the group who has managed to avoid both, then there is always the option of a group text message (or download WhatsApp for them!)

Keeping all the messages in one place makes it easy to check back for reference, and get any important info out to everyone in one go.


It’s the toughest bit. Everyone has different expenses and different pay dates. 

(This glamping hen party tip came direct from one of our hens!)

‘Open an instant access savings account that you can close after the hen party weekend, and give everyone the details so they can pay in gradually and at their leisure. Make sure they put their name on the payment so you aren’t chasing to see who it was! That sounds simple … but you’d be amazed!’

Did you know we only take a 25% deposit at booking?

The balance is due 28 days before your hen party – so you have plenty of time to gather in the rest of the funds.


Don’t leave the food shopping to chance. You will end up with 15 tubs of dip and no milk. 

Do a communal food shop (as an extra tip get everyone to pay a bit extra into your communal bank account to cover the food shop or extras over the weekend). 

If you don’t fancy this, then give everyone a specific list of food to bring. Don’t forget the ice!

Do ask your venue if they are happy for a supermarket delivery to come to site. 

Did you know we also have a range of hampers, stoves, kettles and saucepans available to hire? 


As part of our glamping hen party tips we’ve started you off with some ideas to keep the group amused over the weekend! 

Friday nights are a good night to ‘stay in’ as it gives people a chance to arrive after work, and also for members of the group who don’t know each other to bond. 

If you are planning activities for the Saturday then 1 or 2 maximum! Too many and you will miss that camp vibe. 

Activities that can come to you are the best of both worlds. Think dance classes and flower crown workshops and maybe even Macrame?

Hen party ideas PDF

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