Garden glamping wiht festoons and bell tents and bunting. In Hampshire West Sussex and Surrey.

10 reasons to camp in your garden this summer!

2020... the year where we stayed home. We look at 10 reasons why setting up camp in your own back garden is this summers on trend (and great fun) activity!

1. Finding a site with availability

With some campsites not opening yet, and others having reduced occupancy due to social distancing. If you camp in your garden you avoid the phone calls and hours internet searching to try and find somewhere that’s open. Or that can fit you in.

2. Car Tetras

Skip the inevitable struggle of fitting everything you need into one vehicle. We’ve packed the kids like sardines before, filled the boot, only to turn around and find a box still the floor and nowhere for it to go. 

The struggle is real. 

3. No traffic jams

After so long of lockdown we’re all keen to get back out. 
Expect traffic jams on the roads in key tourist destinations. Is there anything worse than 2 children in a car, in hot weather and stuck in traffic? (actually, yes there is … ‘mum / dad – I need a poo’ – we’ve all been there. 

Date night dens for garden glamping in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. Internal photo of 5m date night den.
5m date night den for glamping in West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

4. Try before you buy

Sales of camping equipment are on the rise – but if you’ve never slept a night under canvas, the beauty of setting up camp in your garden is a great way to test your camping spirit from the comfort of your own home! 

5. No shared facilities

Your toilet and shower are your own – and only a short walk away from your tent and no queuing required! 

6. I forgot the ….

Everyone has left something at home at some point in time. In the event you do forget something it’s a short trek to get it. Our gran was famous for forgetting half the picnic. Every. Single. Sunday. 

7. Camp fires burning

Camp fires are banned on most commercial campsites, if you still fancy a chin wag round the fire, marshmallows or Smores then you still can! (if you’re hiring a tent from us camp fires do need to be pitched a minimum of 10m from the tent for fire risk)

8. I don’t like this 

Whilst we’ve never yet arrived to find a small child who didn’t like their camping experience, we know it could happen. If kids don’t enjoy their first night under canvas, then a camp in your garden means packing up to head home is not humungous task at 2am.

Internal of 5m chill out bell tent for gleaming in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. Children watching TV in a bell tent.
Our nieces hanging out watching TV in a bell tent

9. Three nights for the price of 2! 

Yep you read it right! It’s not a normal summer for bell tent hire – so for all our garden glamping packages this summer we’ve extended our hire periods at no extra cost! You can now glamp / camp in your garden courtesy of Beautiful Bells and have the 3rd night on us!

10.  It’s cool! 

Garden glamping is without a doubt one of the ‘in’ things to do this summer. Not only is a camp in your garden trendy, it’s also bags of fun (by far the most important thing!).

11. Ok we had another one. Seriously we don’t know how you’ve all done it. We have kids who (thankfully) are older. I doubt my sanity, or their lives, would have been intact by the end of lockdown and home schooling. 

Every garden glamping set up so far has told us they’ve barely seen the kids for the time the tents been up. They’ve made dens, camped out, had movie nights and generally used it as their living space. And after weeks with the kids indoors this to us sounds like a few days of BLISS!


Our garden glamping packages are available for families, date night dens, chill out bell tents AND if you want to try your hand at pitching your own tent we are offering click and collect glamping packages where you can pick up a tent and everything you need to set up your own garden camp from us for the weekend. 

For more information just drop us an email.

Carry on camping!


Garden glamping in Hampshire, outside photo of bell tent, festoons and flags
Glastonbury at home in our garden 2020

Psst… we got our flags for our garden set up from Event Flag Hire and the festoons from Lights for Fun.

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